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Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand

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Bestselling author Marcus Chown explores some of the most profound and important science about us, our world and the universe with fifty fascinating and mind-bending facts. Our adventures in space, our deepening understanding of the quantum world and huge leaps in technology over the last century have revealed a universe far stranger than we could ever have imagined. With brilliant clarity and wit, bestselling author Marcus Chown examines the profound science behind fifty remarkable scientific facts that help explain the vast complexities of our existence. Did you know that you could fit the whole human race in the volume of a sugar cube? Or that the electrical energy in a single mosquito is enough to cause a global mass extinction? Or that, out there in the universe, there are an infinite number of copies of you reading an infinite number of copies of this? Reading is proven to be good for your wellbieng because it improves focus and memory and can reduce stress improving your mental wellbeing. If you're looking for gifts to cheer someone up then why not add one to your care package.

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