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It's ok to Feel Sh*t Sometimes

Out of stock
Out of stock
A supportive guide filled with actionable tips and advice to help you when you’re feeling low We all feel like sh*t sometimes, and that’s OK. Whether someone you know struggling with low mood, self-esteem issues or a more serious mental health condition, it’s important to let them know that what they're experiencing is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Packed with kind words and thoughtful advice, this informative guide is here to help them make sense of their feelings. With a breakdown of the most common causes of low mood, from work-related stress to clinical depression, this book teaches you how to recognize these issues and provides helpful tips on how to cope with them. Topics covered include: – Anxiety, stress and depression – Self-care and mindfulness – How to talk about your mental health – Where to seek professional help It’s OK to Feel Sh*t (Sometimes) will help them gain a deeper understanding of mental health and leave them feeling better equipped to deal with whatever’s getting them down, so they can take those next steps.

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