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Teen Breathe Care Package

In stock

Our Teen Breathe Care Package is the ideal gift for any teenager as they navigate the challenges that come A perfect way to inspire them to record thoughts and feelings . A lovely care package for a teenager facing a difficult time or feeling anxious, uncertain or overwhelmed.
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Teen breathe care package
Teen Breathe Care Package

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    Select this gift box if she is studying, stressed out, suffering from depression or anxiety, or is suffering a difficult period of change. Recommended age 13 - 17 yrs old. 

    Our Teen Breath Care Package contains;

    Breathe Out has been written specifically for young minds and the unique challenges that teenagers face today, it is filled with exercises, techniques and tips specially designed to help you to take a step back and take a moment for yourself. With a variety of exercises that encourage you to be present, to be a better listener, articulate your feelings and get a handle on your screen time among many others, this is a hands-on journal that will allow you to track your moods and feel more in control when things can be a bit overwhelming. There are also mindfulness and breathing techniques to allow you to keep on top of your emotions wherever you are. Life can often feel overwhelming and with pressure from school, relationships and social media it can be hard to remember to take a bit of time to take care of what's going on for us on the inside.

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