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The Work Wellness Deck

In stock
The perfect employee wellbeing gift to banish burnout. This deck of 60 easy-to-do-anywhere prompts will encourage sanity, serenity, and wellness in your place of work. It makes the perfect coffee room resource or staff room gift or team gift. The Work Wellness Deck contains 60 actionable suggestions that will restore a sense of well-being in the workplace for all. Packaged in a portable hand box, the deck of cards are organised into three categories: REFRESH (mental health) FLOW (physical health) CONNECT (work relationships). Some of the prompts included include; office stretches that help your posture breathing exercises to manage stress a gratitude practice to focus on the positive networking ideas to build meaningful relationships. Staff can keep a deck on their desk or in their bag and use a card to start the day or at break times. They can be used by managers, wellbeing leads or mental health first aiders to set group intentions, and company leaders can distribute this deck to employees as a wellness perk. No matter how it's used, The Work Wellness Deck will help people in all industries build resilience, improve productivity and demonstrate their commitment to staff wellbeing. This also makes the perfect gift for a stressed out friend. Whether they work from home, or you work long hours at an office, it is common to feel overworked and overwhelmed or burnt out. The Work Wellness Deck is an effective tool in preventing or limited these feelings. Wellness is a huge trend, but beyond self-help books on the topic, there isn't much accessible publishing on wellness in the workplace. This one-of-a-kind format is practical and fills that gap, perfect for companies including: Small businesses, company leaders, and HR reps in every industry —tech, finance, healthcare, law, media, nonprofits, retail, and more.

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