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So Hot Right Now: The Little Book of Peri-Menopause

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So Hot Right Now: The Little Book of Peri-Menopause is a friendly and supportive little book. It contains everything you need to know to prepare for perimenopause and take charge of your experience. 

The years leading up to the menopause can be a daunting time, often misunderstood. If she is struggling with Peri-Menopause symptoms then this menopause gift could be the perfect option to add to a menopause care package.

Here to break the stigma, this book shares knowledge, answering the questions to demystify the perimenopause once and for all.

Filled to the brim with essential information, this book will take you through all the stages and symptoms of perimenopause right up to menopause, so you can face this new stage of life with confidence.

Inside this Menopause book you will find:
– Guidance on understanding and preparing for the perimenopause and how to recognize the symptoms
– Practical advice for managing the mental, physical and emotional symptoms, including hot flushes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, changing libido, mood swings and much more
– Advice on the best treatments and medications for you, including how to approach it holistically, when to seek professional guidance and how HRT can help. 

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