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De-stress Work Package

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If you're looking for a wellbeing gift for staff then this De-stress Work Package could make a great leadership or coffee table resource or an individual gift to staff. To mark Stress Awareness Day 2022, which will take place on Wednesday 2nd November we are launching this practical gift box that will guide employees promote positive stress management withing the work force. Understanding the effects of stress on our mental health and general wellbeing is becoming more and more important. Work-related stress is on the rise and it really important that we address this. The reaction we have to excessive work pressures along side other types of demands placed on us can have a detrimental effect on our health and wellbeing. This gift package is designed to provide some tools to help staff focus on reducing Stress and mental, and aims to help managers have confidence to hold conversations and support their staff. It's aimed to be fun and interactive and can be used in a variety of ways.
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De-stress Package
De-stress Work Package

In stock


    The De-stress Work Package is a gift includes The Work Wellness Deck containing 60 actionable prompts to restore a sense of well-being in the workplace for all organised into three categories: REFRESH (mental health) FLOW (physical health) CONNECT (work relationships). Staff can keep a deck on their desk or in their bag and use a card to start the day or at break times. They can be used by managers, wellbeing leads or mental health first aiders to set group intentions. Also included is Spark Wellness, a fun faux match box including 50 prompts to inspire them to cultivate healthy habits: Slide open this box to reveal 50 kraft oversized matches, each printed with a distinct prompt. Examples of the match-stick prompts include: • Go for a walk with no destination—just wander. • Do something each day that is only for yourself. • Catch up on sleep: For one week, go to bed 30 minutes early each day. • Practice daily affirmations. The third item included is the 'How to De-stress' book a toolkit to cope with stress in our daily lives. This book provides the tools and techniques you need to understand what's stressing you and reshape the way you respond. This book will help you to;  Handle the pressures of your workplace Bring greater balance to your home life Fine-tune your diet to increase your resilience Boost your well-being through exercise Feel calmer by using relaxation techniques 

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