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Grief, Loss and how to Cope: A Self-Help Guide for Difficult Times

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This book consists of simple advice and comforting words. An approachable guide to coping with the feelings of grief and loss. 

Grief is something everyone faces at some point in life. It is not only experience after the loss of a loved but also after the loss of a family pet, a job, during a divorce, when a child has left home and even during the loss of your sense of identity. Despite being a universal experience, these emotions can leave someone feeling confused, alone and overwhelmed.

With clear information to help you explore and process your feelings, this book is here to support you as you find your own path through grief. You will find advice on:

  • What grief is and how you might experience it
  • How we grieve, including common stages of grieving
  • How to cope with immediate feelings of grief
  • How to live with grief and loss in the longer term
  • How to support others who are grieving

Grief looks and feels different for everyone, but sending a gift while someone is grieving helps them to feel less alone, and the support and guidance in these pages will help a loved one navigate their feelings and find strength again.

Author Christopher Spriggs founded Lifespace Trust, an award-winning young people’s mental health charity. His first book, The Reason I Run: How Two Men Transformed Tragedy Into The Greatest Race Of Their Lives told the true story of pushing his terminally ill uncle around a marathon in an NHS wheelchair.

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