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The Feel Good Guide for Menopause

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This book helps with understanding the brain-hormone connection and makes a great Menopause gift to help women to navigate this transition.

Menopause can impact a woman's health, relationships, daily functioning, career, mood, and emotions, and profoundly affect her quality of life. Hormonal changes fundamentally impact not only the female body but also the brain and mind. For many women, menopause can become a time when they become vulnerable to mental health issues. Although approximately fifty percent of the population experiences menopause, there is no general conversation, awareness or acceptance of this natural passage in life. By discussing the process, this book aims to reduce the potential for negative impact, build understanding and compassion, and significantly improve the mental and physical wellbeing of women.

If you are looking how to support a menopausal woman, then sending a menopause care package could be the perfect way to help her feel comforted and less alone. 

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